Deck Building Evolved

Get the most out of your builds


Take Your Game to the Next Level

Tired of seeing the same deck builds? Tired of guessing card ratios? Planning on what deck to build next? DeckDB has you covered.

Build decks based on what you want to see on board. DeckDB uses an algorithm to build decks to maximize consistency without sacrificing playability. Load up your favorite cards, set your desired combos and discover new techniques.

See how consistent your plays will be


Your Play-Style First

Want to build something original? DeckDB allows you to get the most out of your deck, illustrating your opening hand’s strengths, and overall deck makeup.

Build to match your play-style and no-one else’s. Want more defense, speed, or attack? DeckDB allows you to adjust your desired deck based on what you want to do.

Build according to the way you play the game


Results Visualized

Get a bird's-eye view on what cards are essential to your favorite plays. See how strong your opening hands are. Get a visual break-down on what cards you're likely to top-deck in a pinch.

Combo Breakdown


Build and Play Right Away

Waste no time in play-testing your builds. Export your creations for use in YGOPro and or other tools and services.

No need to build your deck twice to test!